The next-generation web application framework made simple, reusable and reliable.

We have an in-house production-ready framework that has been designed for speed, performance and reliability. Our framework is called Entity as it enables componentized reusable solutions. Entity gives you a refined developer experience with a heap of reusable components ready to use out of the box.

Our framework provides a full front and back-end development suite, with easy re-usability, security and documentation built in.


  • Fully componentized, object-orientated system.
  • Lazy loading built-in: Build as many components as you require.
  • Segmented design: Style, logic and views are contained within one area.
  • Automatic compilation and bundling: Optimized for production whilst keeping development instant.
  • Internationalization: Full support for all language translations within server and client code. Including placeholders, dynamic variables, and RTL.
  • REST API: Built within the same routing.
  • Page Routing: Simple or advanced page routing defined with reg expressions.
  • Fully unit tested: Integrates directly with Codeception.
  • Easy integration with any ORM such as Eloquent.
  • Ready to go: 14 common components ready to use out of the box.